"Our online course has helped Hundreds
of Auctioneers and soon to be Auctioneers
learn the art of bid calling!"
Go to your Auction School prepared.  Take our course, learn
the bid call... So you can concentrate on rules and
regulations when you get to school!
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Without your course I wouldn't have been able to pull this
one off.  Your 1 on 1 instruction was delivered with the
utmost professionalism and patience.  I had no prior
knowledge of Auctioneering and although I am still far
from being perfect in the art of bid calling - the 1 on 1
sessions over the 4 days I had to prepare before the
auction were key to the success of the evening and you
gave me both confidence that I could do it and key
components of the call to get me through.  If anyone is
considering auctioneering Matt's 1 on 1 is a must have.

If anyone would like to speak to me, I don't mind Matt
giving out my contact phone number or email address to
people who are serious about learning to bid call.

Regards & Thanks Matt
MT from England
Real Testimonial to LearnToChant.com
Questions About Learn To
Chants Course???
Please call today to speak to a live
auctioneer!!!  Matt Ledbetter will
answer any questions you may have
about the online course... He might
even bid call for you if you ask him to!
Why does this course work??
No games, No gimmicks... This
course is as simple and advanced as
you want it to be.  In plain instruction
that a 8 year old could follow we teach
you how to bid call.  If you are an
aspiring auctioneer this is a very
small price to pay for you to learn the
art of your future trade!
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